12 Mar 2017

Tuthill Porsche Balkan Classic Rally drives available

Tuthill Porsche on the 2016 Balkan Classic Rally

We’ve started planning our schedule for the inaugural Balkan Classic Rally, which debuts in Bulgaria this September. A number of Tuthill clients have expressed an interest in taking part in this very exciting event, which runs from Sofia to the Black Sea on September 10th to 17th.

Entries are open for all FIA cars from Jan 1962 to December 1981: a window of two decades which is open to many Porsche models with valid or expired FIA homologation and non-homologated cars compliant with FIA appendix K. Contact us to discuss your rally entry or see the official Balkan Classic Rally website for more information.

Midnight Sun Rally: Arrive and Drive

Another terrific event open to non-FIA British Rally Championship cars is Midnight Sun Rally in Sweden at the end of June. We have cars available for arrive-and-drive on this brilliant rally, which a Tuthill 911 has won in the capable hands of World Rallycross star, Patrik Sandell. Email us to enquire about participation in these great 911 adventures!