20 Dec 2019

Tuthill Porsche Classic 911 ST Trio

A trio of custom-built Tuthill Porsche 911s prepare for summer road trips

One sure sign that summer is coming is when classic 911s start coming into Tuthill Porsche for service ahead of the classic car season and planned European road trips.

This trio of Tuthill-built Porsche 911 ST style machines recently visited Wardington for some careful attention before a summer of Porsche love. It’s not often that we get to see so many previous projects together at once, so it was worth a photo opportunity.

Our ST builds are created as bespoke ‘dream cars’ for their owners. We offer a wide range of drivetrain options, with full custom engine and transmission packages available. Suspension can be classic Bilstein, modern Ohlins or our brilliant EXE-TC dampers.

Interior options include simple lightweight trim with zero distractions or a more luxury finish with your choice of custom seats. Classic factory dashboard finishes or leather or flocked covering are further options. Custom gauges and modern hi-fi with iPhone integration are all easily added.

With every aspect of the build including shell restoration and modification, engine and gearbox preparation, and final paint and trim done in-house here at Tuthill Porsche, there is no better place to build your perfect early 911. Call us on 01295 750 514 to discuss your ideas and inspiration.