20 Dec 2019

Tuthill Porsche launches Ice Driving in Sweden

Tuthill Porsche launches Below Zero Ice Driving at a new Swedish facility

Ice Driving Tuthill Porsche

We’re just back from two days in Sweden, promoting Tuthill’s Below Zero Ice Driving to some UK journalists and car writers.

It was a great trip. Everyone enjoyed the new facility, and the classic 911s we use on our courses were huge fun. There is just no better way to learn to drift and slide a 911 on normal roads and racetracks than getting yourself in an ice driving Porsche and learning how the unique rotation of a 911 can be mastered and employed.

Also present at our all-new Swedish base was branding from our all-new sponsor: Alibi health drinks. Alibi is a pretox drink, caffeine-free and aimed at preparing your body for vigorous activity ahead. We’ve got a few crates of Alibi up in Sweden for guests, and it certainly does the trick!

Driving these cars for hours on end takes big concentration, so any help you can give your body to get the most from the Below Zero experience is a good idea. We’re delighted to have Alibi on board, both for their support and for the boost from their products.

Booked your Below Zero driving trip yet? Give Tim a call on 01295 750 514 to get your name down.