20 Dec 2019

Tuthill Porsche Total 911 feature from Coventry

Total 911 magazine photoshoot in Coventry city centre

This month’s Total 911 magazine features another one of our hand built custom 911s: this time a very authentic Porsche 911 ST replica. The car was built from a bare shell here at Wardington and is finished in beautiful Light Yellow. The owner has now decided to take it racing!

The feature was shot in Coventry city centre, and explores the nature of reconciliation and the part played by German technology and product design in bringing the UK and Germany back together after the terror of World War 2.

Nearby Coventry was extensively bombed during the war and the area around where we are based is home to many old airfields that were used to launch retaliatory attacks in later years.

It’s natural to be curious about such things and to want to discuss them openly. History is crucial: particularly this period. There would be no greater disrespect to those lost on both sides were we simply to stop talking about those years.

We heartily enjoy the company of all our European customers and hope the piece is taken how it is intended – as a note of how special this most Germanic of sportscars is to so many of us, including the whole team here at Tuthill Porsche.