17 Mar 2020

Tuthill Safari cars on the Porsche Newsroom

The official Porsche Newsroom website features the Tuthill Porsche Safari cars

The Porsche Newsroom recently featured a story on our 2019 East African Safari Classic Rally adventure. We were fortunate to win the event for a record fourth time, with Kris Rosenberger and Nicola Bleicher taking victory on their very first attempt. The official Porsche feature is an interesting look at what happened after the chequered flag was waved and the cars arrived back in Wardington.

“Looking at the state of some of the cars that have now rolled out into the chilly British morning, cars that all finished the rally, it’s clear that both original design and current expertise are playing their part. “There’s a misconception that the cars come back wrecked from Africa,” Richard continues. “They come back wrecked if you hit stuff. And no names mentioned, but some of our drivers hit everything there is to hit in Africa. But if you drive properly you can win the rally and your car’s like new.””

Read the full story on the Porsche Newsroom website. Many thanks to the Newsroom team and to Lee Brimble for the great photos shared here.