16 Dec 2019

The Twelve Builds of Christmas 2019: Part 3

Part three of the 2019 Twelve Builds of Christmas features our Porsche 911 bar. Cheers!

The third in our series of Porsche build reviews for 2019 is something rather different! After moving into our huge new workshop early in the year, the first weeks were spent establishing the main workspaces and there were also social and meeting spaces on the mezzanine level to consider. Some furniture was already to hand, but one particular item was constructed from scratch.

Having built hundreds of bespoke 911s over decades in business, we have many spare parts in our store rooms. Amongst the collection was a rear section from a 911 rally car that had been damaged beyond economic repair. An idea arose to convert this rear clip to a bar. It took a bit of work, but the unique piece is now in service!

Work began by making a frame to support the tail and rear end. The parcel shelf and seat wells were removed and panels were made to join the outer rear arches and inner wings, closing off those sections. As the structure started to take shape, legs were constructed and panels were made for the counter top and splashback sections.

We added the widest whale tail available to carry the drinks and fitted rear arches from the same kit used on our Almeras tribute Group 4 SC: winner of the Modena Cento Ore. Fixtures were engineered to carry rear hubs, which were fitted with wide 15″ Fuchs wheels and tyres: set to the correct offset and ride height, of course.

The final job was to make up the side panels before the complete assembly went off to the paint shop. When the paintwork was done, our friends from Mercedes F1 came and fitted the graphics. The finished item is a wonderful thing and a great conversation starter!