20 Dec 2019

The Twelve Builds of Christmas 2019: Part 9

Twelve Builds of Christmas Part 9: another Safari car build for the road!

The ninth project in our 2019 Twelve Builds of Christmas review is another build currently in progress and due to complete in 2020.

Built on a factory black 1979 Porsche 911 SC sourced in America, this is our second full Safari car build which will see no rally action. Intended purely for use on the road, the car incorporates all of our Safari hardware, with a more powerful engine than the rally cars.

Metalwork is well under way. The body shell has been stripped and media blasted, revealing very little corrosion. As a non-sunroof car – quite rare on American imports – the SC is a great base for this build.

The car came with A/C and most US air conditioning systems were a dealer fit option. The systems were fitted by cutting a large hole in the bulkhead, which we will repair as part of our prep. We’ll also seal off the front of the car to take our large fuel tank and twin spare wheel setup. A full roll cage and competition seat tubes will be fitted to the strengthened body shell.

The body will feature the Almeras-style arches and bumpers seen on several Safari cars to date. The colour remains a closely guarded secret, but this road-going Safari car will certainly turn heads when complete!